How To Compare SQL Data With Excel Data

You can compare SQL Server data with Excel data by selecting the SQL server data you are interested directly from Excel and then comparing in within Excel to other Excel data. It’s easy.

1. Make sure you are connected to your SQL Server database.

2. Run your Select Query.

3. Rename the QueryResults Worksheet.

4. Change to -Excel Data Regions- as your source.

5. Refresh the regions.

6. You are now able to run SQL joining, comparing and querying the SQL Server data and other Excel data.

After You’ve Compared SQL Data With Excel Data

Once you have selected the data you are interested in from SQL Server into Excel you can run local SQL queries on the data.

If you wish to insert new data into your SQL Server Database, or update data you can achieve this by simply selecting your SQL Server Database as your Data Source and then running UPDATE, DELETE or INSERT SQL queries against it.

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