Calling SQL Server Stored Procedures From Excel

You can run SQL Server Stored Procedures from Excel in seconds using QueryCell.

1. Select your SQL Server ODBC Data Source from the Data Source drop down box.

2. Enter your SQL Server Exec command in the SQL editor and Click the Run SQL button.

3. You can run SQL Selects against the database to check the Procedure has done what you expected.

QueryCell will let you know whether your Exec command ran successfully but will not display any return values.

Once you’ve run a SQL Server Stored Procedure from Excel

You can use QueryCell to run Select statements against the database to check that the procedure has made the changes you expect

For example if the stored procedure pruned records from a table you could run ‘SELECT COUNT(*) FROM TABLE_NAME’ before and after running the stored procedure to check it’s effect.

If the stored procedure inserted records into a table you could select from that table to verify the new records exist.

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