Connecting to External Data Sources

(eg. SQL Server, Access, Oracle, Mysql, Firebird etc)

QueryCell has always given you the ability to easily query the data in your excel files using SQL Select statements. As of version 1.4 (released March 2010) QueryCell also makes it easy to query data held in other data sources, such as databases, and bring that data back to excel.

In fact QueryCell makes it so easy to retrieve data from databases that once you have set up a query and saved it with your Excel file you can open that file at any time and retrieve the latest results from the database with a single mouse click.

Reloading Database Data With a Single Click

When you run a query against a database data source QueryCell inserts a header comment such as :

QC DB Query
Query Name (Worksheet to put results in) – QueryResults
Data Source (ODBC DSN name) – mysql test

That header comment tells QueryCell which Data Source Name to run the Query Against.

By saving the query in the Excel file (by checking the ‘Save SQL’ checkbox and saving the Excel file), or by dragging the query text into the SQL library the query will be available next time you open the excel file. So you simply click the ‘Run SQL’ button and the latest available data will be retrieved from your database and brought into Excel.

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