Database Inserts Updates Deletes From Excel

Running SQL statements, including SELECTS, UPDATES, DELETES and INSERTS, on a database from Excel is easy.

1. Make sure you are connected to the database by selecting it from the Data Sources drop down box.

(If you haven’t defined an ODBC connection to your database you can do so by clicking on the ODBC+ icon)

2. Enter the SQL statements you wish to run into the SQL Editor and click the Run SQL button.

(if you wish to run SQL Insert statements don’t forget that QueryCell can generate them for you, just select the data and select “QC – SQL Inserts” from the menu).

I can query a database using SQL from Excel, can I query Excel data using SQL also ?

You sure can!

If you select ‘- Excel Data Regions -‘ from the Data Sources drop down box you will be able to run SQL statements agains the data in your Excel file.

The Regions grid to the left of the SQL Editor contains a list of the regions of data that are available to query in Excel. You can manually add new regions or refresh the grid and have QueryCell automatically search for new data regions.

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